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Why Tantrick? 


Meet the owners of Tantrick Brewing Co: Tanya and Patrick Westover. We fell in love with beer. Then we fell in love with each other. Then we moved to Allegan, created Tantrick, and fell in love with our community. We love what we do and want to share it with the world! Here's our story:

Patrick began brewing at home in Kalamazoo with a home brew kit he received for Christmas in 2008. He spent the next 10 years refining his self-taught skills, and with a few classes at KVCC, developed a variety of recipes and built his own brewery in his garage. Tanya worked at a retirement home and created a beer club, hosting beer tastings and brewing beer with the residents. 


 When we met in 2011, we formed a strong bond over a mutual love for beer and brewing.  We married in 2013 and lived in Kalamazoo, enjoying our beer hobby and frequenting the many breweries in Michigan. Patrick was working at AT&T when he was unexpectedly laid off just before Christmas in 2017.  Tanya was an exhausted nursing home administrator, seeking a change in her career. Together we decided to take a chance on a dream and change our lives.

After an intense 6 weeks of planning, we decided on the location and created Tantrick Brewing Co. With the help of many friends and family members, we rented a space and opened in July 2018 in Allegan, MI. Tantrick quickly gained a reputation for quality beer and a clean, friendly atmosphere.

Patrick tirelessly brewed triple batches on his 1 barrel system to keep all the taps full and the beer flowing for the first few months until he installed a 3 barrel system, which he brews on today. Tanya left her career to work at Tantrick full time in October 2018 with a focus on managing the taproom, events and sales. We ran the brewery with the help of a few volunteers, the support and love of their friends and family, and a very loyal group of satisfied customers. We hired our first part time employee in April 2019.

The Covid-19 Pandemic created some unique challenges, and started just as the Tantrick expansion plan was gaining traction.  In October 2020, against all odds, Tantrick purchased 2 buildings in Downtown Allegan:  243 Hubbard St for a taproom/ restaurant and 134 Water St for production.  They moved in March of 2021 and became part of the Allegan Social District on the Riverfront in Downtown Allegan. 2022 brought the addition of the Tantrick Down Under and a small distillers license. 2023 will be a big year

Our Brand and Logo

The word Tantrick is simply a combination of the names Tanya and Patrick, but it means so much more than that.


"Tantric" literally means woven together, and represents a closeness achieved by deliberately combining multiple aspects of something to create a meaningful experience. 

Our process of brewing can relate to this definition, as well. The thoughtful and loving combination of our hops, yeast, grain and water create an intimate experience for our customers.

Our beer is created out of Love for each other, our community and BEER! We hope you’ll love it, too!

The Tantrick logo, a profile of a naked woman from behind holding up a beer as if she is making an offering to her god, was inspired by a stained glass piece made by Patrick’s late grandfather, John Overloop. Tanya named her “The Other Woman” and she became the centerpiece of the taproom as the subject of the large mural. She is depicted as a visionary, holding the water and hops, overlooking the fields of grain and contemplating how to weave them together into something special. She is the muse of Tantrick and included in the glassware, coasters and most of the merchandise.




Owner, Beer Connoisseur


Owner, Head Brewer

Patrick and Cellerman Jim



Interested in joining our team? Apply in person!

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